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The Cocktails

Signature Recipes for your favorite drinks & Classic Cocktails.

By Christiaan Rollich & Ash Miyasaki

All Spirits Ai Lite Original X

    Tokyo Lemonade

    A simple delight that has transfixed people for centuries.

    MUJEN Rosé Spritz

    Who thought you could make Rosé Spritz even better?

    MUJEN Spicy Thai Basil Gimlet

    East meets west. Totally refreshing. A must try if Gimlet is your go-to drink.

    MUJEN Martini

    Shake this one up James Bond style for a perfectly chilled and stylishly simple Mujen experience.

    MUJEN Margarita

    Zesty aromas amplify the orange liquor in this classic recipe

    MUJEN Old Fashioned

    The most popular cocktail in the world.

    Lucky Cat

    Known as the “Beckoning Cat” in Japan, it is a symbol of good luck and is the inspiration for this irresistibly enticing cocktail.


    With Mujen X from Japan, Casamigos Reposado from Mexico and Amaro Nonino from Italy, the Lieutenant is as elegant as it is unorthodox.

    Bloody MUJEN Ai

    Savory and aromatic, the Bloody MUJEN Ai is a simple twist on a classic.

    MUJEN & Soda

    Breezy and Bubbly with a touch of lime, this one will keep you entertained all night.

    MUJEN Ai Mule

    The Mule. Created in New York and popularized in Los Angeles.

    The Hollywood

    Multiple layers of flavors, sweet & tart, with a bit of old school absinthe peeking around the corner.

    MUJEN X on the Rock

    The unmistakable softness and taste of MUJEN X.

    MUJEN OG Daiquiri

    Frozen, shaken, fruit-infused, or served "Up", the beauty of the daiquiri lies in its flexibility.