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"The Best Spirit You've Never Tasted"

Revelry is the Remedy

Mujen is crafted to reconnect us with what makes life truly enjoyable ... being together. So gather round and raise a glass!

Japan's #1 Spirit

Discovered by a New Generation

Mujen is a Shochu, a distilled spirit crafted in Japan for more than 500 years.

Zero Carbs & No Sugar

Sugar, carb & gluten free. Lower in calories than most alcohols.

Smooth & Silky

Delicious taste

Pure & Light

With varieties containing no additives and less alcohol than other spirits, shochu drinkers in Japan have claimed fewer hangovers.

Good Fun

Founded by two adventurous friends, Mujen is rooted in discovery and celebration, savoring the connection between good friends and good living.

Our Story

Sondra Baker and Bruce Bozzi discovered the centuries old secret of Mujen's smooth, silky taste on their travels through Japan. It is their wish to share their discovery with you.

Our Story

Try New Ancient Things.

A 500 year old tradition, made new.


Let's celebrate friendship