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A Beautiful Discovery

Ancient & New

Bruce and Sondra met 20 years ago. They bonded over their shared ability to connect with people from all walks of life and a lifelong commitment to fitness.

A friend introduced them to Shochu, “…the best spirit you’ve never tasted!”

Intrigued by the taste and stories of meticulous craft and natural ingredients, they traveled to Japan to learn more.

They discovered an ancient spirit, embraced by a new generation as the “go-to” drink for celebrating and connecting with friends.

Journey to Sengetsu

Sondra & Bruce visited the most highly regarded Shochu distilleries in the world. Their journey led them to Sengetsu— the “Thin Crescent Moon” — in Kumamoto prefecture.

They met Junko Tsusumi, Sengetsu’s 4th generation CEO and one of the few women in Japan leading a Distillery. They learned about a century old family commitment to craft, and using only the finest ingredients. Together, they created MUJEN - a spirit of incomparable taste, that’s perfect for celebrating, connection and friendship.

The Spirit is MUJEN

Zero Carbs & No Sugar

Sugar, carb & gluten free. Lower in calories than most Vodka and Tequila.

Smooth & Silky

Delicious taste

Pure & Light

With varieties containing fewer additives and less alcohol than other spirits, shochu drinkers in Japan have claimed fewer hangovers.